Hello, my name is Daniel.

I'm a Growth Hacker

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My Area's Of Focus:

Growth hackers are referenced for various marketing multi-disciplined roles. I myself, focus on Marketing and Development strategies that have the ability to execute personalized solutions that fit your business. These are the concentration areas I focus when working with Mobile & Web ventures founded in the last 36 months:

  • Sales Development
  • Organic Growth
  • Direct Outreach & PR
  • Advertising
  • Customer Success
  • Product Development
  • Conversion Rate Optimization

Interview me

This is your chance to ask me the hard stuff. Overall, the most important part of this process is finding out if I am the right fit for your team.

I will interview your team

When interviewing your team, I am looking to find the collaboration weaknesses and strengths, as well as different unforeseen opportunities.

I will write a growth strategy

Sit back, relax and pop a cold one because your life just got a whole lot easier. I will use the information learned from both interviews to craft a personalized strategy broken into agile sprints for the next 90 days. You are not committed to accept, although I am willing to collaborate, alter, and elaborate on the details.
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Let the growth hacks begin

Here are some of the details about what I will be focusing on. Remember, my soul purpose is growth. Therefore, I am committed to being HONEST even when honesty is difficult.

My Goal: Your Growth

Whether you hire me or not, I am committed to ensuring that I provide value regardless, even in the smallest of ways. If your business doesn’t success, then I am not succeeding. I am more than happy to do limited time sprints, short term trial projects, or consult until further evaluated. It is the responsibility of both of us to ensure collaboration, growth, and our visions are aligned.

These are a few titles often provided for me:

Head Of Growth
API Developer
Growth Hacker
Sales Hacker
Technical Business Developer
Growth Evangelist
Developer Evangelist

Get startedGet started
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Variable Pricing

My pricing varies from project to project. Typically by the end of the team interview I will give you a breakdown. I am willing to attend team functions, and remote positions. Please know, that some projects I do recruit a team for specifically to assist me with mundane tasks.

20 Hour Block



Mini-Sprint: Often used to fulfill important growth hacking tasks for startups. This averages out to $80.00 Per Hour.

60 Hour Block



Involved Project Sprint: Typically used by startups looking for extended growth. This averages out to $67.00 Per Hour.

120 Hour Block



Dedicated Remote Team: Often times 120 hours or more is required by startups. The minimum cost is $55.00 Per Hour unless further discussed.

Have Questions?

If your question isn’t found on the FAQ you will find a question submission link at the bottom, please feel free to submit!